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Dominate Your Business Competitors And Rivals In The DMV (District, Maryland and Virginia) Through Customized And Personalized Digital Marketing Services And Solutions!


Learn How Digital Marketing Can Automate Your Small Business Or Professional Practice And Increase Your Firm's Revenue And Profits
Year In And Year Out Like Clockwork...

It's As Simple As ABC!

Hello Small Business or Professional Practice Owner,

I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t want you to waste my time either, so I will get right to the point. If you don’t know it by now, the DMV is a highly competitive and contested business marketplace (it's really dog eat dog) where if you don’t keep ahead of your competition you could soon find your business or professional practice heading toward extinction.

Technology Is King

​What’s behind this fast-paced business tempo in the DMV…one word “technology”. In particular, digital marketing technology which is changing the way businesses attract, retain, serve, communicate and engage with their prospects and customers. A prime example of the power of digital marketing technology is Amazon. Amazon dominates the online retail space through its adept use of digital marketing technology. If your business is not employing and deploying Amazon-like digital tactics and technologies you could be in trouble. You see, some of your competitors are using these digital tactics/technologies and stealthily stealing business from you each and every day without you realizing it.

webABCs LLC Here To Help

My name is George Stark and I operate a DMV-based digital marketing agency called webABCs LLC. My company’s mission is to help small businesses and professional practices in the DMV setup plug-and-play digital marketing plans that can exponentially increase profitability and productivity.  Here's just a few things we can do for your business or practice:

    • We can build you a direct response website that will attract prospects and new business like bears to honey and ants to a picnic basket.
    • We can get your website ranked high on Google so that people looking for your type of business or profession find you quickly and easily.
    • We can make your business or practice a household name here in the DMV via Social Media so that you will literally become the "Talk of the Town".
    • We can create and develop vide​o commercials for your website that will exponentially increase the awareness and visibility of your business or practice across the DMV region.
    • And all of this just scratches the surface of how we can help and propel your business or practice to the top of the heap here in the DMV!

Where Is Your Business Or Practice In The
Digital Pecking Order?

But first things first. I have an important recommendation for you. All of the above is well and good but the first thing you need to find out is where does your business or practice stand right now in the digital presence pecking order here in the DMV. Is your business out in the front or so far back you are irrelevant and invisible online. We will provide you with a detailed audit and assessment that will give you some idea of how your business or practice stacks up with your competition. You will get this audit/assessment with a value $197.00, free of charge on us.

Digital and Electronic Marketing for Small Businesses

Audits Can Be Enlightening

When we do these audits, most businesses and professional practices are shocked and stunned at how noncompetitive they are in the marketplace.

Remember, what you don’t know in this high-tech world in which we live can hurt you and your business badly, so it behooves you to be fully informed and knowledgeable of your business or professional practice’s relative online presence and visibility. In the digital marketing space being out of sight and out of mind is the recipe for business failure.

So there you have it…I am here to provide you some insights and information on your business or professional practice that will allow you to make informed and smart digital marketing decisions moving forward. The best part…it will cost you nothing ($197 value for FREE).

If you have not fully embraced digital marketing and are still standing on the sidelines watching, you are losing out and your business competitors are taking advantage of your inaction. Don’t let this happen…get into the game today!

To Your Business Growth and Development,

George M. Stark, MBA



​"Retired Marine Owned And Operated Business"

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