Learn How Your DMV-Based Small Business, Professional Practice or Non-Profit Entity Can Quickly Attract More Customers, Acquire More Patients Or Obtain More Donations Through A Simple But Proven Business Model That Never Fails

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It's Called The Three-Legged Business Stool

This business model works every time, all the time no matter what type of business, professional practice or non-profit uses it. When correctly applied and configured, this business model can produce continuous revenue and long-lasting profits on autopilot. By deploying all 3 stages of the model, you can dominate and monopolize the local DMV (Washington, Maryland and Virginia) marketplace within your given niche.

Patron Acquisition

Acquiring new customers, patients or donors is the first leg of the 3 legged stool. A constant inflow of new patrons is essential to the long term prospects of your business or non-profit.  A full pipeline of new business will ensure the profitability and solvency of your concern. Consequently, patron acquisition should be your number one priority beyond anything else.

Patron Servicing

Servicing customers, patients or donors is the second leg of the business stool. Once a prospect is converted into a paying customer, patient or donor you must begin the servicing phase immediately so that they don’t leave you high and dry and run to a competitor or rival business. Good servicing keeps the customer/patient/donor engaged, inspired and appreciative of the level of commitment you are extending to them.  By servicing your patrons to the utmost you will never have to worry about them departing and deserting you which translates into continuous and recurring profits for your business, practice or non-profit.

Patron Retention

Third and final leg of the business stool is the most critical of the three because it is less expensive to retain an existing customer, patient or donor then it is to go out and get a new customer/patient/donor. That’s why customer, client or donor retention is crucial to your business’s or non-profit’s bottomline. You must keep your existing customers/patients/donors content and happy so that they stay within your customer/patient/donor base. Losing patrons places you in the posture of having to find new ones which can markedly increase your costs and lower your profits.  That’s why retention is critical to your business’s/practice’s/non-profit’s financial standing and solvency.,

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Through digital and electronic marketing technology we can create a highly effective and efficient three-legged business stool that will enable your business, professional practice or non-profit to meet all your revenue and profit goals and objectives swiftly and painlessly. So take a seat…And Let Us

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