Are You Letting Your Competition Digitally Break Your Back And Steal Your Current And Prospective Patients?

Dear Doctor,

Have you ever wondered why some of the chiropractor offices here in the DMV seemed to be doing banner business and are flooded with new patients?

What’s their secret?

Their secret is they are connecting with prospective and existing patients where they live and hangout… on social media. That’s right, social media can be a great business multiplier and revenue engine for your chiropractic practice. When people start discovering and connecting with you on social media they will quickly realize that you are the best solution for them when they or someone in their family has a chiropractic-related ailment or issue. These social media connections and interactions will make you the chiropractor of choice here in the DMV and lead to unending profit potential.

 So why aren’t you doing this social media thingy?  

After researching why Chiropractors like you are not big players on social media, one predominate reason kept popping up…chiropractors just like a lot of small business operators don’t have the time and effort to devote to building and maintaining a strong social media presence. 

Now this didn’t surprise us because as social media marketing and management experts we are familiar with how hard it is and how much time it takes to stay atop of  and attuned with in the ever-changing social media world. Consistently doing social media  is a humongous drain and burden that most chiropractors avoid like the coronavirus, although they know they are missing out on some great opportunities to expand their business.

We understand your pain!

Many chiropractors, like you, want to get into social media marketing big-time but are hesitant because they don’t know how to scale it so that it makes a positive bottomline difference.  Simply put, they, like you, know it can help, but they, like you, don’t have any idea how to make it happen. Sound familiar? 

Listen up…Here’s Something You Need To Know….

There are many social media marketing companies out there that will be glad to take your money but there are only a few who can actually deliver on their promises. You see, only a fraction of the many social media marketing/management agencies really know the competitive nature of your industry and as a consequence are able to deliver competent and consistent social media marketing services, solutions and support.

We do and we are here to help!

We know your industry and how the Internet has changed just about everything from how people look for chiropractic care to how they interact with chiropractic practices once they become patients.

In one study, 77% of people say they began at a search engine like Google when they wanted to find health or medical information such as a chiropractor or dentist. Wow, that’s nearly 8 out of 10 people using search engines for medical services support.

Now people are looking for chiropractic professionals not only on their desktop computers but more so now on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What does this all mean for your chiropractic practice?

It means you need to be omnipresent online, especially on social media, where your future patients are searching for chiropractic care.

Through our experience, we know that no one social media marketing plan fits all businesses or practices. In fact, given all the variables and differences between chiropractic practices, social media marketing plans by necessity need to be customized and tailored to suit a particular practice.

We also know that chiropractors are more concerned with their chiropractic  work and managing their business and don’t have time for launching and maintaining social media posting, management, monitoring and marketing campaigns.

This is where my company webABCs LLC comes in and supplies the social media marketing brains and brawn on your practice’s behalf.

Our goal is to help your chiropractic practice thrive and prosper on social media. In keeping with that sentiment. we have a special offer for you….

How Would You Like To Have People Actively Engaging And Interacting With Your DMV Chiropractic Practice On Social Media Resulting In More Patient Acquisitions And Retentions?

Hello, this George Stark of webABCsLLC and we can make social media hands-free for you and put the social media marketing and management of your practice on autopilot. No longer will you ever have to worry about where your new chiropractic patients will come from..they will come for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  Through this skillful use of social media, new patients will naturally gravitate to you thus allowing you to concentrate on your practice rather than on prospect hunting. Given how competitive and cutthroat the chiropractic service marketplace is here in the DC area, a strong and pervasive social media presence like we are capable of building for you will give you a decided advantage over other chiropractic practices in the DMV.


Currently, we have a special promotion ongoing for chiropractors who want to try out our social media marketing and management service. We are offering One Month of Free Service to the next 3 chiropractic offices who would like to test drive our system. There are no catches or obligations beyond the one month free trial so there is nothing to lose but possibly a lot to gain on your part if your social media presence explodes and people start calling and making office appointments. We are limiting this offer to only 3 chiropractic practices here in the DMV at this time and it’s first come, first served. Consequently,  if you are interested in this offer fill out the form below as soon as possible.

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