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Are You Letting Your Competition Digitally Break Your Back And Steal Your Current And Prospective Patients?

Dear Doctor,

Have you ever wondered why some of the chiropractor offices here in the DMV seemed to be doing banner business and are bustling with patients?

And you don’t know for sure but you suspect they are doing some form of digital or online marketing and you have been wanting to try it yourself but just don’t know where to start.

We understand your pain!

Many chiropractors, like you, want to get into online marketing bigtime but are hesitant because you don’t know much about it. Like other digital novices, you know it can help, but you don’t have any idea where or how to start.

Listen up…Here’s Something You Need To Know….

There are many digital marketing companies out there that will be glad to take your money but there are only a few who can actually deliver on their promises. You see, only a fraction of the many digital marketing agencies really know the competitive nature of your industry and as a consequence are able to deliver competent and consistent digital marketing services, solutions and support.

We do and we are here to help!

We know your industry and how the Internet has changed just about everything from how people look for dental care to how they interact with chiropractic practices once they become patients.

In one study, 77% of people say they began at a search engine like Google when they wanted to find health or medical information such as a doctor or dentist. Wow, that’s nearly 8 out of 10 people using search engines for medical services support.

Now people are looking for chiropractic professionals not only on their desktop computers but more so now on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What does this all mean for your chiropractic practice?

It means you need to be omnipresent online where your future patients are searching for chiropractic care.

Through our experience, we know that no one digital marketing plan fits all businesses or practices. In fact, given all the variables and differences between chiropractic practices, digital marketing plans by necessity need to be customized and tailored to suit a particular practice.

We also know that chiropractors are more concerned with their chiropractic  work and managing their business and don’t have time for launching and maintaining digital advertising and marketing campaigns.

This is where my company webABCs LLC comes in and supplies the digital marketing brains and brawn on your practice’s behalf.

Our goal is to help your chiropractic practice thrive and prosper online.

Here’s how we do it…

Web Design: We provide direct response web design that caters to desktop, laptop and mobile users.

SEO: We offer exceptional SEO services that will make your website rank for target keywords in search engines that will build a strong online presence for your practice.

Social Media Optimization: We help you establish a social media presence to drive additional traffic and engagement.

Local Buzz: We optimize your local listings with correct name, address and phone (NAP) information so that people within the DMV can find you on local directories.

PPC: We execute effective pay per click (PCC) advertising techniques that fit your dental business category

Online Reputation Management: We maintain and improve your practice’s good standing by applying the right online reputation management techniques such as publishing positive reviews about you and your practice in the right places.

Website Audit: We do thorough professional website audits to make sure that your website is Google-compliant.

Brand Booster:  We boost your professional brand by creating compelling content in the form of videos and articles on your website and blog.

This all leads to the $6 million dollar question…

How Would You Like To Have An Endless Stream Of Leads Available For Your DMV Chiropractic Practice?

Hello, this George Stark of webABCsLLC and we can put lead generation for your practice on autopilot. No longer will you ever have to worry about where your new dental patients will come from. We will provide you list of prospects ready-to-retain your chiropractic services which allow you to concentrate on your practice rather than on prospect hunting. Given how competitive and cutthroat chiropractic service marketplace is here in the DC area, a lead generation system like ours will give you a decided advantage over other chiropractic practices in the DMV


Currently, we have a special promotion ongoing for chiropractors who want to try out our lead service. We are offering 3 Free leads to the next 3 chiropractic offices who would like to test drive our system. There are no catches or obligations beyond the 3 trial leads we send you so there is nothing to lose but possibly a lot to gain on your part if the leads we send you become clients. We are limiting this offer to only 3 chiropractic practices here in the DMV at this time and it’s first come, first served. Consequently,  if you are interested in this offer fill out the form below as soon as possible.

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