Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

If your website is not optimized for mobile, it will look like a jumbled mess on a smart phone. That is not what you want to happen when people search for a product or service you provide on their mobile phone and your site looks terrible and cannot be easily navigated. The end result is it’s a loss for you and a win for your competitors.

In today’s rush-rush world people are using their mobile phones to search for desired products and services while out and about. Mobile phones have replaced laptops as the main device to access desired goods and services on the fly. Now, if your site is not optimized for mobile phone access then you are out of luck and your competitors will gain new customers at your expense.

What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Here at webABC, we offer various types of web builds. However, we specialize in building customized, responsive websites based on the WordPress platform. This means we will customize your website based on your specifications. And because it’s responsive, this single version of your website will load perfectly on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Why Build a Mobile Responsive Site?

A responsive website is Google’s “preferred configuration.” This build keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with and for search engine robots to crawl across. All of your online marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing will rely on a well-designed mobile-friendly website with the growing usage of mobile devices.

We Use WordPress

WordPress is an amazing content management system (CMS) and is very customizable. It’s SEO-friendly and is easy to use. You can effortlessly upload content on your own if you want.

What We Do? – Summary of Mobile Marketing Service

So we have a deal for you. We will check out your site to determine how it looks on mobile. Then we will give you a Free report on our analysis and evaluation. Then if your site does not pass the mobile optimization we will build you a mobile optimized site for FREE. Is that a good deal or what?

If you want to take advantage of this FREE offer. Send us a message now or call us at ­703-864­-2599
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